Albert Hurwit's Symphony No. 1 was the Most Requested Symphony Written by a Living Composer on Beethoven Radio. Hurwit has written a symphony that speaks to each individual listener directly from his heart…(it is a favorite of ours and the worldwide audience of
— Beethoven Radio

Strikingly beautiful… glorious and affecting main theme led by a solo violin soaring ever higher in even more luxuriant waves. The whirling energy (of Movement 4) conveys the anticipation and excitement of arrival in America…
— Gramophone

Latest News:
  • Premiere of "Are There Still Bells," a new work for chamber orchestra and choir.
  • Documentary on PBS features Albert Hurwit.
  • The Hartford Symphony performs world premiere of "Remembrance" Adagio for String Septet.
  • Hurwit honored and interviewed on-stage at Lincoln Center.
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Albert Hurwit is a physician turned composer whose inspiring personal story has generated national media attention. His award-winning Symphony No.1 "Remembrance" has received wide acclaim by both music critics and audiences.
Hurwit was awarded first place out of 124 entrants in the 2009 American Composer Competition sponsored by the Columbia (Md.) Orchestra. Performances of the symphony include concerts by orchestras in Connecticut, Maryland and Texas.
For centuries, the persecution of various ethnic groups has forced younger generations to separate from their elders and seek safety and freedom in foreign lands. It is the story of untold numbers of families. It is the story of this symphony.
— Albert Hurwit, composer

A moving and emotional world premiere… The symphony is written in a very direct style… which makes it all the more affecting and emotional in effect. …let's hope some American orchestras put Mr. Hurwit's affecting symphony on their concert programs; I'm sure it would be well-accepted.
— Audiophile